ok, in "nick" you put "brian", in "sala" look for witch house then click it, i'll need a password, which is: lo-fi

The chat that started it all.

This groundbreaking event shook the world for years and years to come.

It was at this chat where Brian & Danielle subconsciously realized their undying love for one another.

Many things were talked about during this chat, it seemed as if none of the subjects talked about were trivial or made fun of. And all subjects were taken to heart and not judged.

Brian learned key words and phrases in Portuguese such as "how to sort something alphabetically"

ver todas as salas em ordem alfabetica

and "view all rooms without a password"

ver salas sem senha

subjects talked aboutEdit

  • That band Hadofuck
  • That band white lies
  • that band cold cave
  • new rave
  • gay shit
  • msn information
  • etc