so this is the gateway to your 52 surprises

Its a full (well not *full*) wiki about all sorts of stuff relating to us!

I'm going to tell a story using all 52 pages (your surprises) and you may click on them at any time, or wait until the end to read them all at once. IT DOESN'T MATTER!

All of this is for you, Danielle. Made with 100% of my love, creativity, and humor.

I really hope you love it!

P.S. i picked this theme for wikia based solely on the fact that it's called Oasis <3

Once upon a dream, there were two people who were madly in love.

There is a boy, and a girl. A perfect match, and the truest most passionate lovers this world has never seen. Both are the most beautiful, creative, clever, intelligent, wise, Lo-Fi , and sweet individuals you had never met.

The boy, a fofo lad by the name of Brian and the girl, Danielle - a fashionista teenager. One day, Brian & Danielle were sitting on the bed in their New York house, listening to Joy Division, drinking the remains of their coffee , thinking about how Avant -rad their two pets: Big Guy & Nina are.

"Would you care for some shrimp , darling?" Danielle interrupted.

"duh, sweetie" Brian replied.

So Danielle went to the kitchen to retrieve some shrimp for them to eat; as Brian laid on the bed, typing away at his mac, glancing over at the bottles of champagne left out the night before-the night of their move to a new house.

Brian's mind was racing at the speed of light. He didn't want to watch a movie and he didn't want to download the new Best Coast album either. All he wanted was to spend the day with his girlfriend. He decided to bring back old memories they had a short amount of years ago. These memories could never be forgotten, of course but he just longed to reminisce. He thought about how stuck he used to feel in San Antonio, and how he needed to be with her, his perfect match, a girl who seemed like she was almost next to him at times.But how he hated the actuality, the realness of the situation that was their separation in body. She lived in São Paulo, some mystical land-he thought, ruled by some guy named Dilma. He thought about his acts of love he committed: carving love eternal into the tree, the first time they talked heavily, on the stop chat, shouting her on, staying on MSN for hours, talking endlessly about whatever came to mind-it didn't matter as long as it was with her. He thought about the first time he said "I love you " to her, their games they played, their jokes about Ferrari, Squid, Prada, and Blank Dogs being a Goldfrapp cover band. He thought about the mixes they exchanged, being 'married to Alice Glass ', and showing her his first roll of film with his Diana camera. Above everything else though, he remembered his first meeting with her. The trip he took in May to Brazil , and how that changed his life in so many positive ways.

Meanwhile, Danielle was busy preparing the shrimp, while deciding on what drink to share with her wonderful boyfriend. "Too bad we don't get toddynho in New York. Should we have Chocolate Nesquik ? Maybe Yakult ? Well...those are for the pets...I know!, We'll have lemonade with a bunch of ice !" Danielle decided.

As Danielle prepared the lemonade, she observed her new surroundings. "New York is a big place, and this house will take a while getting used to, but I already love it so much" She thought. She observed how there were only foods she and her boyfriend liked and none of the stupid shit they hated. There was no useless groceries like ketchup or Strawberry Nesquik.

"Whats upppp boyfriend?!?!" Danielle shouted as she came into the room Brian inhabited.

"Hold on I'm on the phone with Ke$ha." Brian joked as he held up his girlfriend's iPhone. "This is a long distance call to China ." He continued.

"Sweetie, you are so I brought lemonade and shrimp for us, careful its hott !"

"Thanks", he replied; still thinking of everything.Their future, their kids they were to be having in the eventual future: Ian & Katherine and many other things.

"What are you thinking about?" She asked, knowing that there was something up with him.

"May I ask you a question?" He asked slowly.

"Sure." She replied.

"Will you marry me?"