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We are not that far, sweetie. We will never be because our hearts will always be right next to each other.

The most life changing experience Brian & Danielle had at that point of their lives.

The May Brazil Trip is a vacation Brian took in May of 2011 to visit the most perfect girl in the world, Danielle.

  • they laughed
  • they cried
  • they joked
  • they were serious
  • they kissed
  • they held hands
  • they had sex
  • they watched movies
  • they went shopping
  • they gazed into each other's eyes
  • they had sex again
  • they got drunk (not dani, she doesn't get drunk- just really buzzed)
  • they sang
  • they ate weird foods
  • they had sex again
  • they talked about the future
  • they talked about the past
  • they took a shower together
  • they talked to Danielle's parents
  • they met Danielle's friends
  • they felt each other's touch
  • they felt each other's sincerity and passion
  • they experienced love forever

they lived.


coming soon.