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An obsessive disease plagued Brian when he was a young lad.

"Shitty sounding music" or "lo-fi" to the more advanced music listener is characterized by being recorded in an abrasive manner, on cassette, with shitty instruments, or with poor-non studio equipment.

Brian & Danielle has turned this into a compliment.

"You are my Lo-Fi girlfriend f.ofo" -Brian

"You are my lo-fi punk boyfriend fofo." -Danielle

Things that are NOT lo-fiEdit

More lo-fi confusionEdit

One of Danielle's friends asked if "being a lo-fi girlfriend" [via facebook interests] is the same thing as being unfaithful to her boyfriend. The answer is NO. Only in a joking sense will lo-fi mean unfaithful.


lo-fi girlfriend, forever


brian showing how lo-fi is NOT UNFAITHFUL