how can you say "No" to this?

Considered the opposite to Ketchup

Lemons are throughly enjoyed by both Bri & Dani.

They eat them in cakes, pies, ice cream, and just by themselves.

They both love lemonade (with extra ice to chew on or kiss with)

Seriously, how can anyone not like lemon?

If you don't like it are you some sort of terrorist?

Someone like this?

Vladmir Putin.

he hates lemons, he hates lemonades, and most of all he hates freedom. Freedom from the Tyranny of Coca-Cola and other related shit beverage products.

"Lemons make me so mad. One day i'm just going to take all of my countries' nuclear weapons and bomb the fuck out of every lemon this world has ever seen. I support a total lemon annihilation scheme" -Lil Vladdy putput

im sooooo serious about destroying all lemons

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oh hello mr. putin are you here to shoot my animals, destroy my lemons, and rape my women?