u know u can't hide from ketchup miss MALICE glass

A mutual HATRED of Dani & Bri.

Ketchup is pretty much the worst condiment to ever be invented, EVER.

Putting it on fish is a sure-fire way to get your balls ripped off by Danielle, and a knife in your face from Brian.

Brian and Danielle participated in the IKR2020

International Ketchup Riot of 2020Edit

in which all ketchup was banned from stores and was turned into some sort of taboo drug akin to drinking cough syrup to get really high or something. I don't know its 3:20AM and i'm laughing really hard writing this. shit. Just know that I hate ketchup and so do you.

Here are images depicting the stupid fucks who use this shit.


how do i open this? oh i'll use my teeth i am one stupid bitch ^_^


just how much is enough ketchup? enough to make me buy this shirt

Dilma rousseff nueva presidenta

My name is Dilma and I support a total ketchup holocaust

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yo fuck this