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Best Coast is a not lo-fi band from Cali

Best Coast is made up of Bethany, Snacks, Azn bro, and former drummer of vivian girls.

Besthanie's favorite food and drinks include: ketchup & Strawberry nesquik.

Bitch Coast made some cool cat coozie merch that Brian got for Danielle as an Ironic Joke


  • brian loves the really girly songs like
  1. bratty B
  2. Boyfriend
  3. something in the way
  4. moody

this makes one wonder if brian shortt is a homosexual

  • Brian & Danielle watched Shit Coast play boyfriend on Jimmy Fallon in which Besthany sang it like

"I wish he was my boyfrienduhghghhhaaaaaalselr"Edit

  • Besthanie has a tattoo of cali on her arm, this is declared by bri and dani as NOT LO-FI and very very lame.
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    NOT Lo-FI


photo cropped to hide legs